SnowBros Shavery is 4 brothers bringing delicious Shaved Snow right to your door!  

What is shaved snow?

It's like the perfect marriage between ice cream and shaved ice! It has a pillowy light texture that makes it fun and refreshing to eat and a smooth creamy flavor that keeps you coming back for more! 
We make our Shaved Snow by mixing top grade milk or almond milk (for our non-dairy friends) with premium ingredients like matcha green tea, chocolate, vanilla, coffee, mango and many others! We then freeze the mix into large blocks and use our special machine to shave the block into delicious Shaved Snow!

Who are the SnowBros?

Brothers James and John first brought SnowBros Shavery to the streets and night markets of Cleveland in 2015. Dave and Daniel joined the party in 2016, expanding SnowBros to Los Angeles. Together the brothers are working to make #everydayasnowday across the country!
The Korean-American Suh brothers grew up loving a Korean shaved ice dessert called pat-bing-soo. After a couple cross country moves (and many hot summer days!) the Suh brothers found a love for shaved ice from around the world. SnowBros Shavery is the lovechild of one too many shaved ice desserts. But it's a fluffy creamy delicious one.
James, Daniel, Dave and John

James, Daniel, Dave and John

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